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Re: tabs

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Joe wrote:I think I've got the beginning to A Well Documented Case Of Severe Autism by Jeromes Dream.


I couldn't figure out the part after , and the clean part I'm just too lazy to figure out. Now, if someone could put up The Sweetness And The Light by Saetia, that'd be cool. Also, whoever mentioned they had the songs on Presents figured out, seeing how to play His Life Is My Denim Paradise All Day, Every Day and Double Who? Double You! would be awesome. Presents rules.
Hello, could you please continue figure out this song. Thank you, you're amazing guy.

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Re: tabs

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The Saddest Mike wrote:
klefmop wrote:
Jakey LIAF wrote:
tijs, i've been meaning to get around to doing this. i don't have a bass in front of me, otherwise i'd knock it out...will try to remember tonight.
had this bass line stuck in my head all day, so I sat down and figured it out.


second part is


tabbed this on my iPod
hopefully it doesn't eat ass
These are the correct notes, but I feel like it's supposed to be an octave lower. Anyone else wanna shed some light on this? Also, does anyone know the bass tunings that Portraits of Past used? Was it drop D or standard? or what?
Thanks i just saw this now! i don't have a bass lying aruond but played it on the upper 4 strings of a guitar :)

I don't think it's supposed to be tuned different, a friend i lived with in germany who can play by ear played this once for me and it sounded tight. then again when i saw COC play live i saw them tuning around lots of times during their set so you could be right

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Re: tabs

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Strangely enough I vididly remember where I was when tabbing that out. Sucks someone stole it and put it on ultimate guitar
thebigmin wrote:Screamo Will Never Die


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Re: tabs

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klefmop wrote:Strangely enough I vididly remember where I was when tabbing that out. Sucks someone stole it and put it on ultimate guitar

That's how i ended up on CMHWAK again, they mentioned it on the tab page it was from this forum :)

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Re: tabs

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been trying to figure out "Means To No End" by LLBNF but the intro fucks with me, like one guitarist plays an open Drop-D bar chord while the other does this fast lick. the clean part at around 1:15 confuses me too, but i think it's:


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Re: tabs

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I think I figured out the middle section of Ampere - Letter to A Friend, I isolated the guitar from the rest of the track and this was the closest I could get:

Almost have full tabs (minus some weird rhythms) for Jailor's Speak of Freedom and Woodlawn.
Additionally, if anyone is having trouble figuring out Will's guitar tuning, every ampere track seems to be in Eb standard.:D

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Re: tabs

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Daan Woodlawn tabs?! My fav track. Share please!
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