SEEING MEANS MORE - Clouds Obscured To Hearts / NOW ON SPOTIFY

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SEEING MEANS MORE - Clouds Obscured To Hearts / NOW ON SPOTIFY

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My first band Seeing Means More’s 12" record “Clouds Obscured To Hearts” is now on Spotify. It's a collection of songs from our youth that meant a lot to our weird group of friends and hopefully they will now find a place for the next generation: ... NTU2N0JVmQ

RIP Eric Mah-Hing, forever in our hearts

Seeing Means More was birthed in 2002 in Orinda, California by 5 high school kids, starting off as a more traditional screamo band in the vein of Indian Summer, JR Ewing, and Funeral Diner. They played multiple shows around the San Francisco Bay area with such bands as Takaru, Under A Dying Sun, Atriata and Heart Cross Love. The band later lost their original bassist Eric Mah-Hing and keyboardist Kyle Ng, and broke up. Seeing Means More reformed in the summer of 2003, adding a new guitarist Henry Larsen to the lineup of Alex Bigman (vocals), Evan Henkel (guitar), Mike Boero (drums) and Yuvi Parhar (bass). With their new guitarist and a growing passion for hardcore, Seeing Means More began writing new material that explored the boundaries of traditional screamo fused with metal/hardcore. Seeing Means More played with some great acts such as: Sailboats, Funeral Diner, Peltier Road Massacre, Arturo Gatti, Horror City, Le Mal Du Pays, Comadre, Maudlin, Heavy Heavy Low Low, Eleanor, The Jonbenet, Antagony and Suffokate.

Between Fall 2003 and Fall 2005, the band recorded 7 songs with Zach Ohren and Aaron Hellam at Castle Ultimate Studios in Oakland that would become the Clouds Obscured To Hearts 12" LP and their 7" Split with Efra.

Seeing Means More's last show was on July 9, 2006 in Oakland, CA with Loma Prieta and Toru Okada.


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Re: SEEING MEANS MORE - Clouds Obscured To Hearts / NOW ON SPOTIFY

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Siqhaus Bigman!

Can we get lyrics to the entire discography including Guesthouse Demos?

Im extremely interested in the November 2nd lyrics. Is the opening line "Why do I cry...I don't know?" is that a T2: Judgement Day? "I know now why you cry"

Also why didn't you incorporate your oboe into any material after Guesthouse? Hella underrated woodwind!
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Re: SEEING MEANS MORE - Clouds Obscured To Hearts / NOW ON SPOTIFY

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Eric died? I haven't talked to him since forever, but I had no idea! This is such a bummer. :(

Thanks for sharing the news about the 12" being up on Spotify.

Hope you're all right, Alex. Take care.

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