Turn Around Norman/Arms Over Arteries (WV punx content)

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Re: Turn Around Norman/Arms Over Arteries (WV punx content)

Post by ifp »

Phil wrote:Yeah, I had basically heard they sat in basements for years. I bet ifp would know a lot about it since he was in 2/3 of the bands in the split.

i had been told that marc took quite a many pre orders and only sent a portion of them. i heard two reasons why this happened but i'm not sure which one is the real deal.

first i heard that a couple distros offered to buy a large amount of the press from him and in a moment of panic he sold the copies without sending out the pre-orders first...thus only a portion of the pre orders got sent, the rest went to the distros and each band got some copies to recoup their recording costs.

i also heard that since the packaging was a bit complicated and time consuming he eventually just gave up putting them together (not sure if this would have been out of frustration or laziness). this may be what Phil was talking about how copies were just sitting in a basement somewhere.

he contacted me a few years ago about "setting things right" and doing a repress but at that point every band on the split had broken up. "settings things right" would have been as easy as sending the money back to the people that ordered it and i think i heard he was beginning to do that before he left for china.

there was a portion of time where people would see me at shows and ask me why they didn't get their record. it got to a point where i would pull out my phone, dial marc's number and say "here, call him and ask him". every time the person would back off and not go through with actually calling marc.

i love the songs on that record, wished it would have been better managed. but alas, it's ancient history.

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Re: Turn Around Norman/Arms Over Arteries (WV punx content)

Post by brian »

hey guys. i played drums on all the turn around norman recordings. glad you dug them.
if you want all the songs and a few unreleased as well just give me an email. i also have the arms over arteries recording and a recording jeff from tan did with acoustic stuff.

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Re: Turn Around Norman/Arms Over Arteries (WV punx content)

Post by thedefonce »

Hey Brian, i'm interested in the MP3s. I just made a post about this today on Facebook, i own a physical copy of the Choke With Their Rivers ... split 7" and heard the Minus Tide songs on Bandcamp but never heard the ST 7" and can't find it on Soulseek. I'll shoot you a email :)

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