(good/90's) Metalcore thread

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(good/90's) Metalcore thread

Post by xdylanx »

Poison The Well - Torn

Zao - To think of you is to treasure an absent memory

Her Grey Earth - As Darkness Falls

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Re: (good/90's) Metalcore thread

Post by Goatsego »

I can get behind this

7 Angels 7 Plagues-Arcadia Fades

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Re: (good/90's) Metalcore thread

Post by josephturner »

Prayer For Cleansing
As Hope Dies
Undying....too many to be named.

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Re: (good/90's) Metalcore thread

Post by Relemo »

Not a huge metalcore fan at all but poison the well's opposite of December album has been on my iPod for years. I consider it one of my guilt pleasures.
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Re: (good/90's) Metalcore thread

Post by jordanswe »

Disembodied - If Only God Knew The Rest Were Dead

Sooo heavy.

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Re: (good/90's) Metalcore thread

Post by gargamel »

Curl up and die.

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Re: (good/90's) Metalcore thread

Post by CitizenOfUlysses »

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Re: (good/90's) Metalcore thread

Post by retlawlliw »

Day Of Suffering- The Eternal Jihad

I sat outside of the venue during their reunion show at Breast Fest. I WAS SO CLOSE TO STREET MOSHING
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Re: (good/90's) Metalcore thread

Post by lemyisgod »


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Re: (good/90's) Metalcore thread

Post by deathbyendlesspizza »

fuck yeah, great thread.

botch, groundwork, ringworm, snapcase, deadwait, taken, this day forward, hopesfall, deadguy, starkweather, rorschach, strife, etc. too much good material to post a single youtube link

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