Screamo From Spain is Fuckin Rad!

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Screamo From Spain is Fuckin Rad!

Post by Flowersintheattic »

I made a little thread with active/dead bands from Spain, i would really glad if you listen/share this <3 (download links are not my links mostly) I hope you discover some cool bands on it, enjoy! :D


-Descubriendo a Mr.Mime (Raein, suis La Lune, beautiful guitars)

-Desidia (screamo-postrock-crust)

-Tröpical Iceland (crazy emoviolence)

-La Letra Pequeña (His hero is gone meets emoviolence)

-Nikola Tesla (ffo: Hot Cross)

-Viva Belgrado (post rock - screamish )

-Trono de Sangre (good mix between screamo-hardcore-math rock)

-Hurricade (post hardcore-screamo)

-Lenin Pingae (Waiting for their recording session)

-Nostalgia del Absoluto (Pre-mix song)

-¡Silencio, Ahora, Silencio! (Orchid vs La Quiete)

-Tempano (Screamy-punk)


-Gone With the Pain (pure emoviolence) ... h-the-pain ... -del-vacio

-Enoch Ardon (Orchid, Reversal of Man, Usurp Synapse) ... ardon.html

-Costacurta (FFO : Portraits of Past)

-Reaction-Reaction! (Spanish Comadre probably)

-Heads and Heads (La Quietish)

-El Eje del Mal (Screamo-punk)

-Das Plague (Screamo-Neo Crust)

-Corea (Screamo - post rock) ... -los-hijos

-Arabian Shaped Guillermo (Louise Cyphre. Tristan Tzara)

-12 Aullidos (Noisy emoviolence)

-Craneo (noise emoviolence)

-Adiaphoria (emo-grind-violence)

-Mojémismagdalenasentusangre (screamo-posthardcore-math-jazz)

-Anevilforeachman ( noisy screamo-violence)

-Estelle Getty (emoviolence short life band)

-The Skirmish Society ( ffo: Love, Live..Electroucution!, they never recorded)

-Sl’S3 (screamo-crust)

-Execute! (screamy post hardcore)

-Omega Cinco (Thrashy screamo - post hardcore)

-Darkside of Soul (proto-screamo existed in Spain I) ... nches.html

-Shameful Heaven (proto-screamo existed in Spain II)

-Veronica´s Aggressive State (proto-screamo existed in Spain III)

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Re: Screamo From Spain is Fuckin Rad!

Post by plasticsmilerecords »

I honestly found some sweet bands. Good job! If you find more remember to add to the list :D

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Re: Screamo From Spain is Fuckin Rad!

Post by untitled6 »

We need more threads like this for different countries.

Tröpical ice land is sick. Have other bands opened in different tabs.

be excellent to one another

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