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Erkel Takes The Bear
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Re: best music blogs

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Toxicbreed's Funhouse for hardcore, sorry i'm too busy farting to post a url

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Re: best music blogs

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Erkel Takes The Bear wrote:sorry i'm too busy farting
I like your stile 8-)
imma firin mah skramzooor!!

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Re: best music blogs

Post by Felipe »

I found this blog today:

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Re: best music blogs

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thatspunk is fucking awful.
there is no happy here

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Re: best music blogs

Post by forzamadrid »

One of my favorite hardcore blogs just shut down. care to recommend any new hardcore blogs around?
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Re: best music blogs

Post by Eliteskramz »

Eliteskramz wrote:
forzamadrid wrote:loudfastpissed is dead. somebody give me a good hardcore blog.

dead, but there's sooooo much there

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