band dramas

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band dramas

Post by buckytoole »

mostly wanted to know if anyone else cared about jonny craig coming back to dgd and kicking out kurt travis?

but figured open it up to other "drama" stories (if any) between bands and such... kind of like a gossipy thread i guess :lol:

anyway, one of my fav bands (probably mention all the time...)
but they keep kicking people out but bringing back all the old members...
looking forward to the album with jonny and jon ... happiness was interesting progression, but downtown crew back means more hardcore less prog?

anyway, this or other shit happening...

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Re: band dramas

Post by constant »

dgd ?

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Re: band dramas

Post by wounderaser »


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Re: band dramas

Post by viva_h8 »

lol who cares

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Re: band dramas

Post by Jordan »

DGD's first record was decent, however, this album will most likely be garbage, assuming the dude that does the screams is still doing them.

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Re: band dramas


don't the two guys from oasis hate each others guts, even though they are brothers
“I just want to change the way people look at music or maybe just destroy it in general.” -Justin Pearson

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Re: band dramas

Post by Eric »

dgd rules

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Re: band dramas

Post by exactly/\\nothing »

viva_h8 wrote:lol who cares

Gnarlin Gnartree
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Re: band dramas

Post by Gnarlin Gnartree »

Didnt Broadway Calls kick out their bassist?

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Re: band dramas

Post by ghostknifer »

exactly/\nothing wrote:
viva_h8 wrote:lol who cares

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