thanks for all the love CMHWAK

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thanks for all the love CMHWAK

Postby pygmyprieta » Wed Mar 06, 2019 10:53 pm

this place has been my home for a few years now. i was never old enough or had the means to see many of the bands that drove this community but i am glad i was able to post here.

during my time posting here, i struggled with alcohol & substance abuse, being sexually assaulted, self-hate, struggling to find an identity, and trying to figure out how to serve the at-risk and impoverished members of my community.

a lot of my posts here were awful; i read through all of them and there was so much hate and anger in them. i'm sorry for being immature and generally lame—I was at a place where trashtalking & being overly critical was more important than trying to build a positive and inclusive scene. please reach out to me if we have any beef to be settled.

thank you for all the love and calling me out when i was being a little jackass. this place meant the world to me and will continue to hold a special place in my heart as i move forward. please keep creating and making anything that benefits the hardcore community; i want to be more involved in the music scene around me in ways that i couldn't have when i was in school just posting here and spending my scholarship stipend on records (pasta with salt made up most of my meals the last 2 years of school).

i'm in los angeles and happy to meet up with anyone here. i'll be at the pg. 99 show on april 19th so please hit me up here or on discord (

thanks for all the love CMHWAK
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Re: thanks for all the love CMHWAK

Postby klefmop » Thu Mar 07, 2019 1:08 am

i've read through my old posts too and they are pretty cringey. oh well. it's weird to think i discovered this board almost ten years ago then finally registered in 2013. i think if screamo is the next "trend genre" after metalcore, then it's going to be strange to see how it is without it being rooted in CMHWAK.

that being said, i moved to the SF bay area so if i'm ever down in LA i'll for sure hit you up. i dont have friends and spend literally all day looking for rare screamo records and merch with bigman
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