Age Sixteen Discography LP OUT NOW

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Age Sixteen Discography LP OUT NOW

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The record is out today, you can check it here:
Sounds like Suis La Lune, Raein, early Loma Prieta. Its really melodic and has better lyrics than those bands imo. Comes with double sided insert.

I know you all ate this up years ago, hopefully still some interest now. Sorry it took so long to get it out.

For those of you in Canada, you can get a copy (with slightly different printed cover) from Ethan at No Funeral here: ... iscography

If anyone wants to distro copies, wholesale is $8 with a 3 copy minimum.

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Re: Age Sixteen Discography LP OUT NOW

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I have no money, so I won't be getting this—but, hey, the rest of you should! I have the CD version, and it's great. I never thought of them as similar to Loma, but certainly Suis la Lune. There were a huge bunch of bands playing semi-similar skramz in the US back then, and Age Sixteen really stood out as something else.

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