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Re: Skramz Hijack

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listen to Youth Novel

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Re: Skramz Hijack

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1funeral2many wrote:
Sun Jul 11, 2021 11:51 pm
CharlieBronson wrote:
Fri Mar 19, 2021 12:59 am
Is nothing DIY anymore because there are a lot of niche small run labels/distros who put out cassettes, cds & in some cases vinyl who work with bands to release music whether they are doing it out of love for the genre or an easy scene to break into and attempt to make a buck?

I do find when those labels produce the physical media its not as personalised as it would be had the band members screened the covers and inserts themselves, assembled packaging and booklets. I think back to Greg Drudy from Saetia starting Level Plane Records simply to have a name to put on the first Saetia 7" Skramz bands should take note of that.
I get what your saying but using greg/level plane as an example is wrong considering the guy was weird about paying bands royalties and got in the way of you and I including the curtain call album for the discog cd they did with alone. It comes across as rose-tinted to imply that an indie that started out releasing stuff with home made packaging made on the cheap can’t be as scummy as a major or a corporate-ish label like prosthetic or closed casket or whatever. It kind of goes back to what you said about these lame niche reissue labels that make limited edition tapes and records when in the modern age of bandcamp, social media, and piracy none of that shit is necessary.
I never knew that stuff about Greg. Disappointing.
CharlieBronson wrote: Things truly are sucklical in music

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