Need new recommendations

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Need new recommendations


Hey guys. Been away for six or seven years or something, but am looking to get back into the post-hardcore scene, as it is. Any recommendations as to what's hot right now? I haven't really been engaged so I feel lost, and this place has always been my go-to when I seek direction. Only band I kept up on was Swarrrrm.
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Re: Need new recommendations

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Youth Novel’s new LP:

Foronceinmylife: Someone in Lord Snow said we sound like Sioux Falls/Des Moines circa 2000. We’re recording an LP this summer

Bigman’s band Ghost Spirit

And that’s about it
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Re: Need new recommendations

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Youth Novel is the only good new band:

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Re: Need new recommendations

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CharlieBronson wrote: Things truly are sucklical in music

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