Need the Tracklist for Times Are Hard for Dreamers comp.

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Need the Tracklist for Times Are Hard for Dreamers comp.

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V/A - Times Are Hard for Dreamers: A Benefit Comp CD
All profits from this release go to supporting after-school art programs at my school. 60 minutes of unreleased or hard to find music from 17 amazing bands that could all fall under the umbrella of hardcore in some way. The CD comes in either a silkscreened or a letterpressed and hand sewn cover with a 28 page booklet that includes writing done on the need for after school and art and artwork, info, lyrics, and in some cases more writing on education from the bands. The bands found on this comp are The Fiction, Scent of Human History, Hit Self Destruct, This Scares Me, Helen of Troy, Countdown to Putsch, Are You Fucking Serious, Operation Latte Thunder, Memory as Perfection, The South, A Day in Black & White, The Faeries, Turn Around Norman, Hurrah, Books Lie, A Petal Fallen, and Dead City. (Waking Records #1)

I have this on my computer but completely untagged, I know a few of the songs just from having the artists' other stuff but if anyone had the full tracklist it would be awesome.

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