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Re: Your Band

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my old band Wolfshapedclouds put out a discography tape. Limited only 20 copies on black tape and came with postcard & patch. You can order here if ouy like the noisey screamo: ... -2013-tape


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Re: Your Band

Post by swarsha »

I play drums in:

Nurture: Screamo ffo bands like Sleepy Time Trio, Twelve Hour Turn


Juna: Heavy indie/post-rock ffo Cursive, Red Sparowes, Colour Revolt

Hopefully should be releasing new music around the beginning of the year.

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Re: Your Band

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rtmnx wrote:my friends' band (from Russia, Irkutsk! pretty much the only screamo band in the whole town)
do you guys love Usurp Synapse? (with kind of ridiculous drumming)
Love it.

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Re: Your Band

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Re: Your Band

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Just released a split with ¡Silencio, Ahora, Silencio! which some of you might be into.

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Re: Your Band

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Re: Your Band

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hey we just played with you guys and coma last weekend at bridgetown! ^^ good shit

not skramz
I do vocals/shitty guitar. FFO: track star, jawbreaker, archers of loaf, 90s shit possibly old alkaline trio

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Re: Your Band

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Can't remember if this was posted already

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