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Re: 4Loko

Post by marketfresh »

hollow*words wrote:Nah, dog it's all about Nutcracker:

http://www.nytimes.com/2010/09/21/nyreg ... acker.html
oh, word.

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Re: 4Loko

Post by robocop »

they're aight

mixed one with a steel reserve once and then died. it was awesome.

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Re: 4Loko

Post by bmurph »

8loko nights are so fun

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Re: 4Loko

Post by nonationalismplz »

bmurph wrote:8loko nights are so fun
watch out kyle, shit gives you kidney stones

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Re: 4Loko

Post by ingoodhands »

Thefallingnightmare wrote:i cant wait till they ban it.
Yup, pretty much this.

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Mother 3
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Re: 4Loko

Post by Mother 3 »

4 loko is the shit

last weekend we finally found lemon lime flavour and it was awesome. i don't remember a lot but apparently i beer bonged one which is badass

i hope they don't give you kidney stones though i've already had three and i'm only 20. also i have diabetes so they probably fuck up my blood sugar a lot but whatever

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Re: 4Loko

Post by disposable »

sometimes it's the person, not the tool, which is self-destructive. i got a couple of kidney stones, beer bong me.

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Re: 4Loko

Post by smfy »

I have nothing but bad and good things to say about this stuff. there is no in between.

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Re: 4Loko

Post by Gnarlin Gnartree »

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Re: 4Loko

Post by le lunchbox »

loko for dem lokos....sike
stuff tastes awful

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