Orchid Patches

Trade or sell or whatever. Yep.

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Re: Orchid Patches

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Jayson Green hustles hard

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Re: Orchid Patches

Post by AloneInOurInterests »

Got mine in the mail today. Looks awesome dude, thank you so much!

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Re: Orchid Patches

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DandelionWar wrote:Jayson Green hustles hard
Ron Jeremy lookin' fucker, but getting more smang than me.
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Re: Orchid Patches

Post by jemsnixon »

These are for sale on Etsy. They're produced using fabric paint and a stencil I cut my fingers open making, and they're kind of terrible quality. Patches cost $2 each, and I'm shipping $1 every patch to Ebuilltion so they can spread the word.

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