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shove mailorder update

Postby manuel » Thu Oct 17, 2013 4:14 am

hi to all
something like a month from last update
below you could find new update list plus the old one and attached
there is tape list (all tapes are at cheap price, from 2euro to 0.5

in the next few days a mail with an update about label with new
releases avaiable and upcoming


i also have in distro some quality stuff
GRIME – deteriorate 12” - 13euro
THREE STEPS TO THE OCEAN - scents 12” - 12euro
THREE STEPS TO THE OCEAN - scents cd - 10euro
IL BUIO - l'oceano quieto 12” - 12euro
IL BUIO - l'oceano quieto cd - 10euro
PSYCHOFAGIST – songs of faint and distortion 12” - 12euro
PSYCHOFAGIST – songs of faint and distortion cd - 10euro
ZEUS – opera 12” - 13euro
ZEUS – opera cd - 10euro
MONUMENTS COLLAPSE - s/t 12" - 10euro
ALASKAN/CO PILOT - split 12" - 12euro
http://thetreatyoakcollective.bandcamp. … ilot-split

update october 3rd
- dog knights
old soul 12" 10euro
telfyr/todos caeran 12" 10euro
gillian carter 10" 10euro
grappler 12" 10euro
va - tribute to orchid 12" 10euro
va - tribute to orchid cd 6euro
capacities 10" 10euro
adobe homes 9" 8euro
we came out like tigers 12" 10euro
iselia 12" 10euro
beau navire cd 8euro

- black lake
locktender/coma regalia/oaken/wounded knee 12" 10euro
psyche project 12" 10euro
dirtdrinker 12" 10euro
brighter arrows 12" 10euro

- halo of flies
northless new 2xlp 15euro

- i corrupt
coma regali/cavalcades/heart on my sleeves 10" 10euro
kokomo 12"+7" 12euro
east of the wall 2xlp (restock) 15euro

- desordre ordonne
burning bright 12" 10euro
milanku 2xlp 15euro
le kraken - exalt 10" 10euro
le kraken - exalt cd 10euro

- moment of collapse
shrine 7" 4euro
amalthea 7" 4euro
homeless is dead 7" 4euro
sundowning/red apollo 7" 4euro
captain your ship is sinking/black everest 12" 10euro
maudlin 12" 10euro
nervous 12" 10euro
red apollo cd 8euro

earache rec
at the gates - purgatory cd 10euro
cathedral - carnival bizarre cd 10euro
cult of luna - beyond cd 10euro
cult of luna - somewhere along cd 10euro
cult of luna - eternal kingdom cd+dvd 12euro
godflesh - songs of love... / love and hate... / in all languages 2xcd+dvd 15euro
haunted - made me do it cd 10euro
iron monkey - s/T / our problem 2xcd 12euro
municipal waste - massive aggressive cd 10euro
napalm death - bootleged in japan cd 10euro
napalm death/coalesce cd 10euro

rsr rec
Cellgraft - Cellgraft CD 10euro
Su 19b “Discography” CD 10euro
Su 19b/Dot (.) - split CD 10euro
The Gentle Art of Chokin CD 10euro
Haymaker “demo” Lp 10euro
Quattro Stagioni - Discography 1998 - 2008 CD 10euro
Attack of the mad Axeman "Systematic Death Slaughter” CD 10euro
Pick Your Side CD 10euro

feast of tentacles
iron lung 12" (restock) 10euro
the body 12" 10euro
moloch/ensorcelor 12" (restock) 10euro
horders 12" 10euro

- throatruiner
rodeo idiot engine 12" 10euro
hourvari 12" (birds in row side band) 10euro
death engine 10" 10euro
as we draw 12" 10euro
phantom carriage 12" 10euro
vuyvr 12" 10euro
ken mode 12" 10euro
bone bance 12" 10euro
cowards 12" 10euro
cowards cd 8euro
quartier rouge cd 8euro

- sincope rec
diononesiste cdr 5euro
palesister cdr 5euro
wand and priress cdr 5euro
justin marc lloyd cdr 5euro
compounded cdr 5euro
vetro cdr 5euro
steinebach cdr 5euro
grizzly imploded cdr 5euro

- epidemic
anchor mcd 7euro
smashrooms cd 8euro
painted wolves 12" 10euro
smashrooms 12" 10euro
gab de la vega 12" 10euro
painted wolves 7" 4euro
raindance 7" 4euro

- various
cough/windhand 12" 12euro
psychofagist/antigama cd 8euro
psychofagist 7" 4euro
hammers 10" (restock) 10euro
the death of anna karina cd 10euro
ornaments cd 10euro
phoenix bodies - raise the bullshit cd 8euro
dementia senex cd 6euro
crime gang bang cd 6euro

- denovali
heaven in her arms cd
omega massif cd
heaven in her arms 10"
dominic 10"
dominic 12"
dominic cd

- replenish
vestiges/panopticon 12"
bio crisis 12"
locktender 12"
agowilt 12"
vestiges 2xlp
bio crisis cd

- music fear satan rec
JESSICA93 "who cares" LP
YEAR OF NO LIGHT "vampyr" 2xLP + CD
HUATA "atavist of mann" 2xLP
MONARCH "omens" LP
ALABASTER "alabaster" 10"
KONGH "counting heartbeats" 2xLP (restock)
YEAR OF NO LIGHT "nord (deluxe edition)" 2xLP (restock)
AUSSITOT MORT "montuenga + 6 songs" CD (restock)
YEAR OF NO LIGHT "nord (deluxe edition)" 2xCD (restock)

- react with protest
delos 12"
tempest 12" (restock)
planks/lentic waters 12" (restock)
apoplexi twist orchestra 12 (restock)
arse moreira tape

- narshardaa
kyrest 12"
ortega 12" (restock)
affenmesserkampf 12"
toundra III 12" (restock)
suffer 7" (with alpinist members)
planks 7" (restock)
dramamine 7"

- dingleberry
black code 12"
von drakus 12"
another 5 minutes 12"
degraded 12"
old soul 12" (restock)
stand der dinge/a furtive forest 12"
the wedge 12"

- ebullition order (limited quantities)
JOHN HENRY WEST - Door Bolted Shut LP
ORCHID - Chaos Is Me LP
ORCHID - Chaos Is Me/Dance Tonight! CD
ORCHID - Dance Tonight! 10"
ORCHID - Gatefold CD
ORCHID - Gatefold LP
POLICY OF 3 - Anthology 2xCD
DISNIHIL - Parasites CD
ENCORE FOU - Il Numero Undici CD
ENDLESS BLOCKADE - Turn Illness Into... CD
FUCK ON THE BEACH - Endless Summer… CD
KARST - Receive the Void CD
KARST - Vision Of Insane Hope CD
ORCHID - Totality CD
OUR WAR - If You're Not Now… 10"
OUR WAR - If You're Not Now… CD
TOWERS - Full Circle CD
CARCASS - Choice Cuts/Peel Session CD
IRON MONKEY - Iron Monkey/Our Problem 2xCDbox
and more...

update august 22nd
- deathwish
loma prieta/raein 7" 5euro
touche amore/piano becomes the teeth 7" 5euro
heiress 12" 12euro
code orange kids 12" 12euro
code orange kids cd 10euro
birds in row - you.. 12" 12euro
birds in row - you.. cd 10euro
loma prieta - IV cd 10euro
resurrection - disography 2xlp 16euro
resurrection - disography cd 10euro
converge - axe to fall 12" 12euro
converge - jane doe 2xlp 18euro
converge - no heroes 12" 12euro
converge - you fail me 12" 12euro
converge - all we love we leave behind 2xlp 18euro
converge - all we love we leave behind cd 12euro
converge - long road home 2xdvd 12euro
integrity - to die for cd 10euro

- magic bullet
sutekh hexen 12" 12euro
sutekh hexen cd 10euro
forencsics 10" 10euro
ghastly city sleep 2xlp 16euro
jesuit cd 12euro
kaospilot 12" 12euro
kaospilot cd 10euro
pg99/majority rule 12" 12euro
this will destroy you picture12" 12euro
forencsics cd 10euro
majority rule - emergency cd 10euro
majority rule - interviews.. cd 10euro
majority rule - interviews.. 12" 12euro
majority rule/pg99 cd 10euro
valerian swing cd 10euro

- sangue rec
vulturum 12" (restock) 10euro
lady tornado 12" (restock) 10euro
ornaments 2xlp 15euro

- twisted chords
finisterre 12" 10euro
ruins 12" 10euro
cobretti 12" 10euro
dekadent 2xlp 15euro
amen/nein nein nein 12" 10euro
mdc cd 8euro
doom 2xlp 15euro
doom cd 8euro

- escape from today
paolo spaccamonti/stefano pilia 12" 10euro
fuzz orchestra lp 10euro
fuzz orchestra cd 10euro
johnny mox lp+cd 10euro
tons 12" (restock) 10euro
tons cd (restock) 10euro
marnero 12" 10euro
dogs for breakfast 12" 10euro
marnero cd 10euro

- react with protest
june paik 12" 10euro

- this charming rec
blckwvs 140 12" 10euro
kadavar gatefold12" 12euro
tidal sleep 12" 10euro
kadavar/aqua nebula oscillator 2xlp 18euro
die nerven 12" 10euro
orbit the earth 12" 10euro
patsy o'hara/centuries 7" 5euro

- holy roar
strife 12" 10euro
full of hellcalm the fire 7" 5euro
will haven 12" 10euro
daggers 12" 10euro

- pure heart rec
coma regalia 12" 10euro
child meadow/remek 12" 10euro

- super fi rec
good throb 7" 3euro
art of burning water - love.. 12" 10euro
art of burning water - this.. 12" 10euro
art of burning water - head.. 12" 10euro
snowblood 2xlp 15euro

- 7 degrees rec
cloud rat 12" 10euro
dephosphorus 12" 10euro
standing on a fool of bodies 12" 10euro
zodiac 12" 10euro
wake 12" 10euro
gadget 12" 10euro
wake/dephosphorus 7" 4euro

- moment of collapse
torpedo holiday 7" 4euro
aussitot mort/catalyst 7" 4euro
sundowning 12" 10euro
resurrectionists 12" 10euro
light bearer - beyond.. 12" 10euro
capsule lp+cd 12euro
selenites 2xlp 15euro
fire team charlie 2xlp 15euro
lara korona 12" 10euro
manku kapak 12" 10euro
light bearer - lapsus 2xlp 15euro
sugartown cabaret 10" 8euro
light bearer/northless 12" 10euro
beau navire - lumens 12" 10euro
in the hearts of hemperors/reka 12" 10euro
republic of dreams cd 6euro

- music fear satan
year of no light - nord 2xcd 12euro
year of no light - nord 2xlp 15euro
year of no light - ausserwelt 2xlp 15euro
year of no light/altars of plagues 12" 10euro
le reveil des trompes 2xcd 12euro
le reveil des trompes 2xlp 15euro

- de granrepubliek
grinding halt/suffering quota 7" 4euro
moloch/ensorcelor 12" 10euro
iron lung new 12" 10euro

- comunication not words
lantietam 2x7" 7euro
death mercedes/burning bright 12" 10euro
sugartown cabaret 12" (restock) 10euro
i am a curse 12" 10euro

- adagio/vendetta
trees 12" 10euro
fell voices 2xlp 15euro
children of god 12" 10euro
vyst 12" 10euro
reivers 12" 10euro
crowskin 12" 10euro
ruined families 12" 10euro
mnmnts 12" 10euro
holy 12" 10euro
wits end/human hands 7" 4euro
batillus 12" 10euro
batillus/whitehorse 12" 10euro

- orchidscent
more dangerous.. 12" 10euro
la casa fantom 12" 10euro
solextine chapter cd 5euro
sons of faow verny cd 5euro
the boring 12" 10euro
rivers run drive/tyrannicide 12" 10euro
sutter cane cd 5euro
after taste cd 5euro
never again cd 5euro

- eastrain rec
brume retina 12" 10euro
revok 12" 10euro
old soul 12" 10euro
morse 7" 4euro

- alerta antifascista
light bearer - silver 2xlp 15euro
light bearer - silver cd 10euro
momentum - herbivore 12" 10euro
battle path 12" 10euro
rituals/dezafra ridge 12" 10euro
tree of sores 12" 10euro
O - black... 12" 10euro
saviours 12" 10euro
monachus - first 12" (restock) 10euro
fall of efrafa - elil 2xlp 15euro

- boue rec
sangre de muerdago 12" 10euro
whorls 7" 4euro
amarok/enth 12" 10euro
amarok/pyramido 12" 10euro

- halo of flies
centuries 12" 10euro
multiple truths 12" 10euro
protestant 12" (restock) 10euro
usnea 12" 10euro

- tokyo jupiter rec
trachimbrod/sore eyelids cd 8euro
black heart rebellion - har nevo cd 8euro
black heart rebellion - monologue cd 8euro
milanku cd 8euro
amen-ra - mass III&IV 2xcd 12euro

- halvfabrikat
boredom 12" 10euro
fredag den 13 12" 10euro
m40 12" 10euro
m40 cd 8euro
eskatologia cd 8euro
contorture 12" 10euro
passiv dod shjalp cd 8euro

- strikedown rec
curse this ocean 12" 10euro
reflections of internal rain 12" 10euro
blame it on the ocean 12" 10euro
blame it on the ocean mcd 6euro
curse this ocean 7" 4euro
embrace destruction cd 6euro
my own prison cd 6euro

- narshardaa rec
amber 12" 10euro
toundra - III 12" 10euro
ortega 12" 10euro
arktyka - symmetry 12" 10euro

- subsound
inferno 12" 10euro
mombu 12" 10euro

- synalgie
i not dance 2xlp 15euro
eno 2xlp 15euro
i not dance/blckwvs 7" 4euro

- parade of spectres
human junk/lich 7" 4euro
jackals 7" 4euro
pliant 7" 4euro

- heart & crossbone
this gift is a curse cd 8euro
sabbath blaath cd 8euro
saison de rouille 12" 10euro
end of silence cd 8euro
super bugger cd 8euro
eric lunde cd 8euro
balata cd 8euro
author & punisher cd 8euro
dave philips cd 8euro

- lost pilgrims
rorcal 12" 10euro
elizabeth 12" 10euro
verdun 12" 10euro
verdun cd 8euro

- per koro
night slug 12" 10euro
deathrite - into... 12" 10euro
deathrite - st 12" 10euro
withers 12" 10euro
patsy o'hara 12" 10euro
avalanche 12" 10euro
annotation/bent cross 7" 4euro
blckwvs - 150 12" 10euro
unrest 12" 10euro
goldust/deathrite 7" 4euro
union of sleep 12" 10euro
blckwvs - 130 12" 10euro
sniffing glue 12" 10euro

- annoying
minus tree/shizune 7" 4euro
crop circles 12" 10euro
congegno 12" 10euro
congegno cd 8euro
attrito/lyon estates 7" 4euro

- swarm of nails
last minute to jaffna cd 8euro
art of burning water cd 8euro
anorak cd 8euro
anorak 12" 10euro
hexis/as we draw/euglena 12" 10euro
absolutist 12" 10euro
exylin cd 8euro
arms of ra cd 8euro

- various
fuoco fatuo/black temple below 12" 10euro
http://blackfuocotemplefatuobelow.bandc … o-split-12
minus tree 12" 10euro
left in ruins 7" 4euro
gab de la vega 7" 4euro
jester beast cd 8euro
via luminosa cd 8euro
ccm cd 8euro
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