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IFB Records distro update

Postby ifbrecords » Sat Oct 26, 2013 11:10 am

DON'T REPLY/RESPOND ON THE MESSAGE BOARD - I'm never on these things and won't see it -

REPLY/ORDER to ifbrecords@gmail.com

FULL DISTRO at www.ifbrecords.com - click on Distro for the full list. To see all the IFB releases and download them go to www.ifbrecords.blogspot.com.

Hello all - no new releases this time, but plenty in the works. I do have the repress of Cloud Rat - Moksha LP in, so if you missed that one, take advantage - it's a true grinding HC masterpiece. All handmade recycled covers too. Here are a couple of IFB releases that are almost gone just in case you wanted one

Hexis - X 7" - one copy left
Fracaso demo - 3 left
Vespera demos - 5 left
Landbridge 7" - 5 left
Pripyat - discography tape - 1 left
Planks/Lentic Waters LP - 3 left

Also, if you wanted a Merchandise - Strange Songs in the Dark LP or Shoppers LP (Drugged Conscience), there are only a couple left.

Upcoming releases
Elsinores LP - dreamy post/punk from KY - sooooo good
Holiness Church of the Valley - Not of the Flock 7" - http://hcotv.bandcamp.com/album/not-of-the-flock-ep
Black Everest/Captain Your Ship is Sinking LP
Rat Storm - new 7"
They Eat Their Own God - 7"
Grinding Halt/Pine Barrens 7"
Family Outing - demo (UK ripper w/ mem. of Lich - think Death Wish Kids filth)
Resurrectionists/Gentle Art of Chokin' LP - yeah I know, like, OMG and stuff

OK - Below are all new trades - be sure to check 'em all out - a really solid load here. In order to spice it up a bit, and clear some older records outta here I'm going to throw a sale onto this update - Everything below is regular price, but anything else on the distro list - www.ifbrecords.com - will have this pricing applied

ALL Lp's $2 off, ALL 7"s $1 off, ALL tapes - $2, All double LP's $4 off, ALL CD's $2 off, All older MRR's are $2


MAXIMUM ROCK N' ROLL - these are the 3 newest ones - I've got lots of back issues too - check the site - www.ifbrecords.com and go to the bottom of the distro list.

Maximum Rock n' Roll #364/September 2013 - w/ Asile, NE Records, Last Chaos etc. $4
Maximum Rock n' Roll #365/October 2013 - w/ Condition, Doomed Society Radio, Hero Dishonest, Clearview Rec, Brno scene rept. etc. $4
Maximum Rock n' Roll #366/Novermber 2013 - w/ Chaos Destroy, Thisclose, Nudes, etc. $4


Avichines - Nada Que Hacer - Raw-ass old school Venezuelan punk on Cabeza De Vaca - $5
Exterminacion - Demo - Excellent raw Colombian punk - think a heavier Fracaso - on Cabeza De Vaca. $5


Chain Letters - Bad Reflection - Super poppy punk goods w/ female vocals - a perfect combo of Discount catchiness, and Cub lofi-ness. Recommended. $4


v/a - No Compromise CD - Earth First benefit comp w/ Autarkeia, Cloud Rat, Rat Storm, Closet Burner, Masakari, Agathocles, Oi Polloi, Iskra, Deathrats, Torch Runner, Autarch, Landbridge, Gattaca, Oiltanker, Recreant, ACxDC, and more. $8
Baker Acted - Hours that Never Add up to Comfort - Ripping Miami HC/punk w/ female vocals - $3


Bad People - Pearls before Swine - Grimy weirdo Buffalo NY punk from Brown Sugar/White Guilt folks. $4
Jewish Starr - demo - Really good laid back indie/pop w/ fuzzed out vocals - recommended. $3
Aaron and the Burrs - I - Instrumental surf rock goods from Space Wolves folks from Buffalo NY. $3
Aaron and the Burrs - II - Instrumental surf rock goods from Space Wolves folks from Buffalo NY. $3
Space Wolves - II - Retro pop from Buffalo NY - think lofi garage and surf but dark outsider lyrics. $3


Delos - s/t - German screamo goods w/ Louise Cyphre and Gentle Art of Chokin' folks - chaos. $10
Tentacles - Cogita Mori - Texas screamo late 90's style on React With Protest. $5
Battle of Wolf/June Paik - UK dark emotional hardcore vs. German epic screamo - rules. $5
Battle of Wolf/Singaia - UK dark emotional HC vs. screamo project w/ Cease Upon the Capitol/Resurrectionists folks. $5
Arse Moreira - Discography tape - Mexico screamo chaos with a great package by React With Protest. $5
Beau Navire - Hours - Wild screamo chaos from CA on React With Protest. $10
Beau Navire - Lumens - Wild screamo chaos from CA on React With Protest. $10
The Apoplexy Twist Orchestra - s/t - Swirling wild German screamo mania - mem. of Resurrectionists. $10
Dolcim - Guillotine Ride - Ex-Cease Upon the Capitol - loud HC/screamo on React with Protest. $10
Dolcim - We Carry the Fire - Ex-Cease Upon the Capitol - loud crushing screamed heaviness w/ atmospheric parts too. Great folks. $10
The Gentle Art of Chokin' - s/t - blistering German HC on the border of fastcore and grind with some rockier parts in as well. $10
June Paik - s/t - First LP of Munich wild epic screamo on React With Protest. $10
June Paik - s/t (NEW) LP - Germany's screamo chaos kings at their most epic here - perfection. $11
Loma Prieta - Last City - screamo chaos from mem. of Punch on React With Protest. $10
Keitzer - As the World Burns - German death/grind beast - killer record on React With Protest/Parade of Spectres. $9
Minion - Out of the Carnage - Straight up German metal like Darkest Hour/In Flames on White vinyl. $9
Planks/Lentic Waters - German split of dark heavy goods vs. crushing HHIG meets Acme HC. $10
Raein - Il N'a Pa...- First LP from these Italian emo masters - a true classic. $10
Resurrectionists/Lich - Germany's heaviest grinding HC vs. UK bulldozer crusher. $12
The Third Memory - s/t LP - Great French screamo on React w/ Protest/Sadness of Noise/Rok Lok, etc. $10
Titan - Burn 2xLP - Huge sound heavy modern HC/metal on React With Protest. $16
Titan - Colossus - Huge sound heavy modern HC/metal on React With Protest. $11
Resurrectionists/Battle of Wolf 359 - Crushing powerful HC from both - great folks, passionate music. $10
Resurrectionists/Arse Moreira 6" - Crushing swirling grinding German HC vs. jangling emo. On React with Protest. $5
Veloz - s/t - Heavy chaotic dark HC on React With Protest. $5


Sete Star Sept/Noise - Japan vs. Brazil - crazed noisecore grinders. $9
Merciless Game - Gag Hardcore 8" - Confuse/Gai style noise punk from Lotus Fucker/xBrainiax personnel. $8
The Cabbageheads - s/t - Ripping noise punk filth. $4
Terveet Kadet - Piinaavanautinto - Legendary Finnish HC - new record. $4
Nuklear Blast Suntan - Blot out the Worthless Sun - Psyched out crust-core - Disrupt meets Hawkwind - cool stuff. $8
The Wankys - Knock One Out - UK Swankys loving noise punk. $10
Lotus Fucker - s/t - Think Gauze, just noisier. $10
Lotus Fucker - Forever My Fighting Spirit - Think stuff like Gauze but noisier. $10
Sete Star Sept - Visceral Tavern - Insane Japanese grind mania. $10


Hedlok - demo - The insert says Unholy Thrash Metal, and that about nails it. $3
Boilerman - Loss Leaders - Melodic Chicago pop/punk on the gruff side - think Leatherface/Broadways with some Wipers and an odd hint of Assfactor 4. $8
The Coltranes - Never Sleep Again - indescribable weirdo hc/punk ride. $8
Dead Uncles - Stock Characters - CT pop punk mastery. $8


Backslider - Consequences 10" - Powerviolence perfection. $9
Magrudergrind - Rehashed - Grind masters. $8
Man is the Bastard/Capitalist Casualties - 2 classics team up. $9
Holier than Thou - You Can't have Slaughter w/o Laughter - Thrash goods on 6 Weeks. $8
Violent Headache - Bombs of Crust - classic crust filth on 6 Weeks. $8
Anti-You - Two Bit Schemes and Cold War Dreams - Ripping fast Italian HC on 6 Weeks. $8


Embalming Theatre/Tersanjung 13 7" - Swedish vs. Indonesian grindcore filth. $4
Hiding Inside Victims - s/t LP - CA crushing melodic crust w/ hints of doom, dbeat, and black metal. $8


Hexis - s/t 12" - etched B-side - Danish wall of sound total pounding - so oppressive. $10
Hexis - s/t tape - Danish wall of sound black metal/HC hybrid - so menacing and good. $3
Ezkathon - The Cursed Idols - Danish bleak and atmospheric black metal. $4
Whorls - demo - Danish overpowering HC in the Hexis style - what's in the water over there? $4
Adobe Homes - Pinata 9" - US emo goods on tri-color vinyl with etched B-side. Really cool record. $9


Asshole Parade - Live in Rostock - Gainesville goods - gorgeous record. $8
The Kill - Make 'em Suffer - holy shit - pinpoint accuracy grind melter from Australia. $8
Mehkago NT - Massive Fucking Headwounds - headwounds indeed - this shit kills, a true heavy beatdown. Represent. $8
Magrudergrind - Crusher - you know the drill - expert grind. $8


v/a - 4 way split - 4 Tallahassee FL bands - all good - Ex-Breathers, For The Hell of It, Repo Man, and Gorgeous. $10
Ex-Breathers - Collision - Great Tallahassee FL punk - take a chaotic Fugazi approach and add lots of noisy 90's emo and some noise rock. Killer stuff! RECOMMENDED. $10


Hiro/Who Needs Maps - Great German screamo split - one more driving, one more chaotic. $10
More Dangerous than a Thousand Rioters - History isn't an Endless Circle - Rockin' screamo influenced punk - think Refused. $10
Black Code/Lust For Death - French crust metal split - LFD kills it if you dig metallic crust - seriously good riffs. $5
Request - Megalith - Ripping German HC - think Gentle Art of Chokin' - genuinely pissed vocals - rules. $10
Stand Der Dinge/Furtive Forest - dark emotional German HC vs. Serbian emo/punk in the Sed Non Satiata/Paper Plane Crash style - great split. $10
Another Five Minutes - s/t - French emo - it's got it all - driving, building parts, epic parts, quiet goods - really good stuff. $10


Planks - Funeral Mouth - Imagine Mastodon and Darkthrone playing Cure songs. $13
Momentum - Whetting Occam's Razor - Mix heavy pounding dark HC with elements of metal on Halo of Flies. $8
Momentum - Herbivore - Raging HC w/ a strong animal rights theme. $9
Multiple Truths - No One Wins - Passionate melodic and heavy HC - Ballast meets From Ashes Rise - female vox - good ripper. $9
Amber - Lovesaken - Epic and heavy German screamo/post rock goods - huge sound. Rules. Female vox. $10
Northless - World Keeps Sinking DLP - Heavy as hell doom metal w/ forays into HC and post rock. $17
Jungbluth - Partache - Ex - Alpinist members drop some dark political HC all the way from Germany. $10
Protestant - Judgements - Wisconsin bulldozer HC band - gorgeous package as always. On Halo of Flies. $9
Protestant - Reclamation - Dark and bleak w/ good lyrics and a punishing approach. $8
Ruins - Incidents - Gloomy, uneasy HC if you dig Kylesa, Alpinist, Fall of Efrafa - from Germany.. $11
Malachi - Whither to Cover the Tread - Heavy goods on Halo of Flies - one left. $8
Enth - s/t - Polish funeral doom from Suffering Mind folks on Halo of Flies and many more. $9
Protestant - Stalemate - Wisconsin super heavy HC beast. $9
The Assasinators - I Disse Morke Tider - Insanely catchy Danish punk - think Masshysteri with D-Beat and political lyrics. GREAT!!!. $4
Not on Tour - s/t - catchy as hell Propaghandi style punk from Israel. $3


Pancake Lizard - demo - Oakland grinding blown up HC w. lots of fun samples. $3

VENDETTA/ADAGIO 830 - Amazing team from Germany - Stefan and Robert are always banging 'em out and run the coolest record store in the world - Bis Aufs Messer

Svffer - s/t - you like Cloud Rat? I thought so. Get on this now - hideous German grinding HC w/ female vox. $5
Vowels - Chained 7" - Raging east German HC - think Veins/Raw Nerve - Members of Vitamin X. $5
Indian Summer - s/t 12" - one sided clear screen printed 12" of their first 7" - an absolute emo classic in a beautiful presentation. $10
Ash Borer - Demo LP - Absolutely perfect atmospheric/cascadian black metal - I'm real picky about my black metal and this passes the test big time. $11
Afterlife Kids - Morgengrauen - Cool 90's worshipping German HC - mix some moshiness, some Bremen style brutality, and some dark emo - great looking package too. $11
Lord Snow - Solitude - Folks from Suffix/Raw Nerve doing total screamo chaos - wild and noisy w/ distorted female vox - killer Chicago goods. $11
Papaya - s/t 12" - one sided clear/orange screenprinted vinyl - Portugal post punk w/ Adorno folks - spastic and catchy in the Teenage Cool Kids/Drive Like Jehu vein. $11
Ruined Families - Blank Language - Bleak and blistering Greek HC - dark and emotionally powerful - killer - $11
Sport - Colors - Awesome catchy pop punk in the vein of Promise Ring and older Jade Tree stuff on Adagion 830. $11
Secret Smoker - Terminal Architecture - From Baton Rouge LA - 90's worshipping goods in the vein of Hoover, Sleepytime Trio, 400 Years, Amber Inn. Need I say more? $11
Holy - The Age of Collapse - Italian heavy blackened HC beating - think a bit of Mehkago NT but more flailing and wild - really really good. $11

That's it for this time. Thanks a ton - Peace, Nevin
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