BIG SALE 50% off l'oeildutigre webstore, screamo, hardcore

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BIG SALE 50% off l'oeildutigre webstore, screamo, hardcore

Postby thedefonce » Thu Jan 15, 2015 6:47 pm

We are having a huge clearance sale on all L'Oeil du Tigre releases as well as ALL our distro items. 50% off everything until February 1st!

LOTS of screamo, hardcore, punk, doom, sludge, etc
You'll find some rare stuff for 2-3$, just divide the price you see on the store by 2 !!!


*This excludes t-shirts and pre-order items. Discount code on order is '2015'.

(You can also send your list to Nic via e-mail and we'll calculate the prices for you.


*about us

L’Oeil du tigre is a DIY record label based in Montreal, Québec, Canada specializing in punk and hardcore music. We value fun, friendship, cooperation, and human beings on top of anything, even profit! We are born out of the ashes of Montreal-based labels MON OEIL and WHERE’S THAT DEERHEAD, we combine experience in the DIY production, promotion and distribution of over 30 recordings in cassette, CD, vinyl and digital format, and more than 100 shows in the Montreal area since 2006.
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