Rok Lok Records: World's Fair "Leisurely" 12 inch out now

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Rok Lok Records: World's Fair "Leisurely" 12 inch out now

Postby soniklife » Mon Feb 02, 2015 9:09 pm


There is a notion within the realm of indie music that generally the energy captured from the impulse of youth far outweighs the results of a more mature pensiveness that can only come with time. Many artists go through this growth from being raucous, bottled lightning catching punks to being more thorough in mapping out their work, and speaking for myself as well as my friends in World's Fair whom I have played in other bands with over the years this perhaps sums up our album "Leisurely". Unlike our past bands we didn't rush into playing shows, recording or heck, even naming the songs- we just let things unfold naturally. We laid down the tracks for the album in January of 2013 and over months and months we added layers, tinkered and such with an album that we felt that we would be happy with not just in a fleeting sense but something that can be looked upon with later on with no regrets. The pace we have moved at can be described as nothing other than "leisurely", hence the name of the album. World's Fair is an amalgamation of our prior works but churned out into something that feels fresh and exciting to us-not simply just treading familiar sonic territories. Culling influence from bands such as Sonic Youth, Polvo, Swirlies, Built to Spill and even contemporaries such as Yuck- World's Fair hones its sound around distinct, swirling guitar driven indie rock that is centered around pulsating drums and over driven bass sounds.

"Leisurely" is limited to an edition of 100 pieces of blue with white splatter vinyl pressed by our friends at Palomino Records. It is packaged inside a silk screened chipboard jacket and includes a full color insert, download card, one inch button and sticker. [] »

Love Letter "Collecting Loss" lathe cut 10 inch


World's Fair "Leisurely" 12 inch
Rayning "Refraction" cassette
Cestine "Other Half/Bright Encounter" cassette
Jan "Let It Ride" cassette
Mormon Toasterhead "Memory/Monument" double cassette
Little Whirls "Sedateness at the Movies" cassette
Love Letter "Gentle Memories" cassette
Hiders "Bloom" cassette
Stars Are Insane "Pop Industry" cassette
Love Letter "It Brought Us Something We Had to Know" cassette
Snow What "So Far So Good" 12 inch
Orange Aurora "Dracula Coil" cassette *9 copies left*
The National Park Service "Winter Clothes" cassette
Stars Are Insane/Monogamy "split" cassette
Stars Are Insane/Morgue Toad "split" cassette
White Blush "White Blush" cassette
Mormon Toasterhead "Summer" cassette *2 copies left*
Abandoned Houses "Untitled Spirals" cassette
Swim Ignorant Fire "Belly of the Whale" cassette *2 copies left*
Imaginary Pants "Channels b/w Seacliff" 7 inch
v/a "I Know Why They Call It Pop: Volume 2" cassette
Bare Pale "If It Is" cassette
Dude Japan "Simple Living" cd (reissue w/ bonus tracks)
Dude Japan "Will You Meet Me There" cassette/cd
Eureka California/Good Grief "split" 7 inch
Ron Beaudet "Awkward Age" cassette *2 copies left*
Shivering Window "Singles Club #9" cassette *4 copies left*
Katrina Stonehart "Singles Club #8" cassette *4 copies left*
Mike Naideau "Singles Club #6" cassette *5 copies left*
Hanna Elson "Singles Club #5" cassette *5 copies left*
Kevin Greenspon "Singles Club #4" cassette *2 copies left*
Make It Plain "Somersault" 7 inch
Monogamy "Singles Club #3" cassette *3 copies left*
Outside the Museum "Singles Club #1" cassette *4 copies left*
Giant Peach "Callous & Strange" 7 inch
Brick Mower "Why Are We Doing This?" 7 inch
Yes Sensei "In Excelsis" cd
Sandy City "Surfin' WA" 12 inch
Fellow Project "Boots" 7 inch *6 copies left*
Yes Sensei "3 Songs" 7 inch
Yes Sensei "s/t" cd
On the Might of Princes "Where You Are & Where You Want to Be" cd
On the Might of Princes "The Making of a Conversation" cd
Empty Silos Echo War "Inner Working Mechanics of a Failed Construct With Puritan Cement" cd *2 copies left*
Yes Sensei "We Who Transplant Sustain" cd
Yes Sensei "What I Do Best is What I Do Worst" cd
Bookstore "s/t" cd
Space Robot Scientists "We've Got a Time Machine" cd
v/a "The Hope Machine" cd
Stars Are Insane "Anonymously Yours" cassette (reissue)
Explosivo! "The Uh Oh EP" cd
Rok Lok Records 153 East 17th Street Huntington Station, NY 11746 USA

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