Selling records (kodan armada, funeral diner, envy, anomie)

Trade or sell or whatever. Yep.

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Selling records (kodan armada, funeral diner, envy, anomie)

Postby Sadgirl » Wed Nov 16, 2016 6:46 am

Ok here it is. All my 12 and 10 inches (plus one 9 lol). Priced without shipping. Working on 7"s now. Good luck finding cheaper. PLEASE SHARE THIS!

Alabaster Choad- Crash Of The... (nm) $5
Algernon Cadwallader- Some kind... (nm)$30
Ampere/Sinaloa (fair) $10
Anomie- MRTA benefit (nm) $35
Assholeparade- Embers (vg) $5
Asthma Attaq/Dirty South Apocalypse (nm)
Avenging Disco...- this is... (vg) $3
Avenging Disco...- the ultimate... (vg) $3
Basement Tapes (comp ft evergreen, bastard noise) (m) $25
The Blue Letter- Love Is Not Control 2xLP(black and clear)(m) $8
The Blue Letter- Prima Facie(m) $8
Braid- The Age Of Octeen (vg) $8
Carrion Spring- A Short History... (m) $6
Cirith Ungol- Frost and Fire (poor) $25
CunninLynguists- seasons (nm) $100
Curl Up And die- Unfortunately... (good) $10
Dead Kennedys- Plastic Surgery... (1st press) $20
The Decline Of Western... (good)

Downcast- S/T (good) $2
DS13- killed by the kids (nm) $5
End Of The Century Party (nm) $8
Envy- Compiled Fragments (m) $8
The Exploited- Jesus Is Dead (poor) $3
Faded Grey- A Quiet Time... (fair) $5
FEAR- The Record (poor. no insert) $15
Flipside Vinyl Fanzine # 1 (great) $25
Flower Travellin Band- Satori (nm) $12
GBH- City Baby's Revenge (good) $8
Herbie Hancock- Head Hunters (nm) $8
Heroin- HHeroin(nm) $5
In Loving Memory- discography (mint) $8
Los Crudos/SSpitboy(vg) $8
Lumber Lung- S/T (nm) $12
MDC- millions of dead cops (good) $120
Meth and Goats- attack... (nm) $3
MF Doom- Yee Haw (e) $5
MF Doom- dead bent doomsday (e) $8
MF Doom- Americas Most Blunted (nm) $12
Moith Sew Shut- doomed future.... (e) $5
Murder disco X- Ground Zero... (nm) $3
Naked City- Torture Garden (e) $35
No Fun At All- The Big Knockover (good) $60
Nas- Unforgiven (e) $5
Nas- Bridging... (picture disc) (m) $12
Orchid- S/T (red)(nm) $10
Orchid S/T (red) (e) $8
Orchid- Chaos Is Me (black) (nm) $8
Orchid- chaos Is me (yellow) (nm) 10
Ordinarion Of aaron- discography (nm) $8
Perfect Pussy- Say Yes To Love (m) $8
Please Inform The Captain this Is a hijack- S/T (nm) $15
Jedi Mind Tricks- Kublai khan (e) $3
Jedi Mind Tricks- Animal Rap (vg) $5
The Plot To blow Up The Eiffel tower- Love in the... (nm) $5
Portraits Of Past- S/T (fair) $15
Revolting Cocks- physical (poor) $2
Rahsaan Roland Kirk- the art of... (vg) $8
Rahsaan Roland Kirk- Boogie... (vg) $8
Rhythm Of Cruelty- Dysphoria (m) $10
The Saddest Landscape- You will not Survive (limited to 65 west coast tour copies) (m) $20
Sex Pistols- nevermind... (bsk3147) (fair) $12
Shale- Lie (e) $5
Slint- Spiderland (nm) $12
SNFU- and no one else... (great) $45
Souls Of Mischief- thats when ya lost (e) $8
Ten Thousand Leagues/Archetypes (m) $8
Touche Amore- to the beat... (white gatefold) $20
Vitamin X- Bad Trip (e) $5
Wormwood- Starvation (nm) $4
X- Los Angeles (poor) $10
V/A- Illiterate (nm) $3
V/A- New York City Hardcore (m) $20
V/A- Rat Music For Rat People (vg) $15
V/A- Punk and Disorderly (g) $5


Ampere/Funeral Diner - split 9" (nm) $20
Ampere - All Our Tomorrows (vg) $7
Templars - Biaue Seignors Freres(great) $15
The Blue Letter/ Tambersauro- split 10" (m)$3
The Great Redneck Hope- Splosion (nm) $15
Gospel/Kodan Armada- split 10" (nm) $15
HIRS- Remixxxes (m)(lathe cut) $20
Paroxysm- The Distance Between (good) $3
Rudimentary Peni- Archaic (vg) $15
Wander- Volume One (m) $4
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Re: Selling records (kodan armada, funeral diner, envy, anom

Postby Sadgirl » Tue Nov 29, 2016 6:56 pm

New list. Sold some and priced way more .
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