Replica Zenith Watch CHRONOMASTER SPORT 03.3103.3600

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Replica Zenith Watch CHRONOMASTER SPORT 03.3103.3600

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How to use the Zenith Chronomaster Sport? Here is an example of how to take a watch reading. Below you can see that the chronograph has stopped just before the "03" point on the bezel, however, if we look at the small blue dial on the right, we can see that the chronograph has been running for over 10 seconds, which means This reads 12.9 seconds.

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time Zenith has created a watch like this. Back in 2010, they released the El Primero Striking 10th, followed a year later by the Statos version with a rotating bezel.

But crucially, the Stratos version is 45.5 mm wide and is limited to 1,969 pieces, while the Chronomaster Sport is issued in unlimited numbers and has extremely approachable proportions. It was an integral part of the Chronomaster Sport's creation path and made way for this more modern, approachable creation.

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Zenith Chronomaster Sport on your wrist
It’s no surprise to hear first hand that this is an amazing watch.

One of the first things that struck me was the decor and the little details that matter so much. The center links of the bracelet are brushed and polished, but the ends of the bracelet are also polished. When light hits the hour markers, they act like torches, and I'm not talking about lumens. These details are paired with addictive contrast, which is always a winning formula. It creates drama while also helping to prioritize different design elements.

DeLuca was aware of this in the 1980s, so it's understandable that Zenith knew what they were doing here. There are actually three points of contrast here, from the pure white dial to the rough black ceramic to the subdials. Initially, I thought this color mix would feel sloppy or bad, but after using the watch, I really like how it not only adds historical weight to the design, but also shows off the lighter side of the Chronomaster Sport.

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The movement of this watch is nothing short of a miracle. Again, this isn’t surprising since we’re talking about Zenith and El Primero here. The novelty of the 1/10-second chronograph simply doesn't wear off, and if you start to think it will, just turn the watch over and admire it in action through the display caseback. After using the Chronomaster Sport for a short time, I knew going back to a traditional 60-second chronograph was going to be tricky.

Now to be sure, I'm under no illusions that Zenith didn't know what they were doing when they released this watch. Considering that the DeLuca was created in the 1980s as a watch to compete with the Daytona, I think it’s reasonable to assume that the Zenith would use the Chronomaster Sport as its second leg in this battle. But in my opinion, this offers something very different from the Daytona. Yes, they share a visual resemblance to many watches. If any brand could offer something similar to Rolex and get away with it, it would be Zenith.

Final thoughts on the Zenith Chronomaster Sport
Over the past few years, the watch world has really focused on modernizing the watch industry. From Swatch and Sistem51, to Oris and Caliber 400, and now Zenith and the extraordinary evolution of the iconic El Primero. It seems that ensuring that mechanical watches meet modern expectations is more important than ever. Thankfully, brands know this and are taking action now.

Like it or not, Zenith has given the world a strong reminder that they are the true king of chronographs. Something makes me think this watch will be a hot topic for a long time to come...

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