What is a handicap bet? Everything you need to know about handicap betting

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What is a handicap bet? Everything you need to know about handicap betting

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Certainly, there are still many people who don't know what the term handicap bet bookmaker meaning in betting. How to place a handicap bet in a reasonable way and when to apply it to which matches. So, follow this article to understand more about this concept.
What is the concept of a handicap bet?
Handicap betting in football is widely used by many bettors and is also the type of bet that brings in the most money. Simply put, a handicap bet can be placed while a match is in progress.
However, handicap bets can only be applied within a certain period, relatively quickly, usually within 1 to 2 minutes. If you intend to bet, make a decision quickly instead of just focusing on the score of both teams and missing out on this lucrative bet.
When is the handicap bet calculated from?
In football, the handicap bet is also called a run bet, meaning that as long as the ball is in play, the bet is still active. So, the starting time of the handicap bet is calculated from the beginning of the match until it ends.
Is injury time included?
According to the current regulations, injury time in a match is still considered for betting as usual. It is only when the referee blows the whistle to stop the match completely and announces the result that the time is considered over.
How to view a handicap bet in football?
Placing a handicap bet in football has a different betting mechanism compared to other games. If you want to bet on over/under while the match is in progress, pay attention to the following. Before and after the ball is in play, it will be calculated in two different ways. For those who don't understand, consider this example: The current score of the two teams is 0-1, and there is an over/under bet with a betting ratio of 1.5.
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If you choose the over side, you need at least 2 goals in the match to win the bet.
If you bet on under, you just need to observe the match's progress; if nothing significant happens and the result remains the same, you will win.
In a handicap bet, you don't need to know how many goals will be scored or how long the two teams have been evenly matched. The bet only officially starts when you successfully place your bet. Additionally, corner kicks or red and yellow cards can also be considered in a bet.
Effective strategies for playing handicap bets that you should know
In football betting, it's not always about luck; players also need to apply their intelligence. To win handicap bets, players need to thoroughly understand the concept of handicap bets. This comes with accumulated experience after many betting sessions.
When to choose run over
When playing handicap bets, choose matches with a win rate above average, preferably between top-ranked and bottom-ranked teams. Prioritize matches in top leagues such as the English Premier League, Euro, World Cup, La Liga, and choose matches that are closely contested to analyze the handicap.
This is a challenging choice as you only have one chance to place a bet on the entire match. Therefore, research and carefully calculate the form of both teams on the field. Additionally, determine the amount of money you want to bet to balance expenses for future matches.
Betting on HT
When the score of the match is tied 0-0, the handicap remains unchanged for about 10 minutes in the Asian market. During this time, the draw will last at least 4 minutes and will dissipate in the 9th minute. In Europe, the draw odds from the declining market are not rapid.
Identify abnormal matches, and in those cases, choose a draw bet. If the current odds are in favor of a team leading in score and the HT score remains unchanged, then go for it. Conversely, if the underdog is winning and there is a significant change, choose the under bet.
When odd 300 appears, how to play the handicap bet
This is the time when you can achieve victory and bring in a large sum if you know when to seize the moment of odd 300. This bet only occurs within a certain period. Stay alert and consider the right timing to place your bet whenever the highest odds betting site offers the odds.
Many players consider odd 300 to be the most outstanding for playing handicap or over 1.5 bets. This odds ratio often appears in every match, even in those considered focal points. In fact, teams with the opposite odds 300 ratio often win in FT bets.
In conclusion
The above article provides some useful insights for those who want to know more about what a handicap bet is and how to play it sensibly. Don't forget to visit the Wintips page to read more valuable articles about football betting.

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