and all the people say amen

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and all the people say amen

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I'm about to revive a dead for several years subforum with my new account.

I'm just here because I haven't listened to screamo or gone to shows in years... you might find me lurking or something as I try to remember all the bands I havent thought about in many years.

Though Im obviously socializing, I'm frankly over the social aspect of hardcore, especially as the era of when I was young was different than many possibly and I just don't care about being an elitist anymore. I actually am the opposite now. I dont judge people based on what they listen to -- at all. I'm also not cool anymore. I don't care and I don't want to be cool with you. Thank you for understanding.


Onto content...

Keep in mind, this is criticism of ideas more than erotica, but it ventures into the pornographic and happens to be potentially very triggering for someone having experienced sexual abuse and is also a bit sacrilegious but the intention is to commentary on the old book.

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Feast your eyes on every girl 
	relinquished by her Daddy like a beast 
		to be such a peach 			if marked for what whore. 
Given to him 
	created in the image of his Lord 
				and shepherd, 		a quirky 
			thirst to splurge out spoiled little tainted 
	temples in the flesh that so smitten was the Lord; 
		who so God-given as this 		swallowed cock 
	gives her 		the seed of orgasmic Christ 	
		as if in transubstantiation of the Eucharist
				Plump as a baby out a uterus and make her courtesy and do the twist						Shame on the mother, 										and the wife, the sister											“And the daughter of any priest, 			if she profanes herself whoring, 										profanes her father; 				she shall 														be burned with 	fire. “

		And forty days and forty nights pass by like no time at all
			priests are passing around little boys counter 
							clockwise to meth pipes 
 		And the girls set to flames with no willing confessions
				having seen the nakedness of her father’s 
					mother and her sister’s 		best friend in preschool,     so 									too must she bring her mother,
					and any woman or girl in the vicinity of your father; make her
									shameful, 													guilty, all that 											type of subservient 												flagellation of 												the penis
  			whilst she is speaking with tongues									plunged in her orifices far as could fit										as bits of this and that in Latin are repeating again
									 and again
		after leading in prayer some people are openly staring 					with eyes open wide and rejoicing 
				and their pointing at her loins being washed now very moist
					wants to wash your feet off with his cock juice
						so humbled before thy Father, 												who art inside of her 											and so very foul having stumbled upon him
						 moving in and out of crowds of uncovered bodies 								of the fasting like Jesus in the desert congregation and 	asking 		
		what to bring for potluck 
						What more could we need?
				just bring your hungry men 						xxx
The people all saying “Amen,” when baptized by the gram shot up in their butts.
		In 100 units, did half and half water 
			 and random guys’ busted nuts.

       Their pricks barely noticed 											in the massive hairy bushes 												of their 	uncut 											middle eastern 											cushions stuffed up 														with duck feathers making her sneeze        							 like squeezed in his neighbor’s wife
					to make sure he had caught her
			and all the people saying, “Amen,” when they’re banging their mother’s 										daughter-in-law and gaping their great 								great great grandmother when they dig her up 								`saying that shit again, even after 

	Upon seeing her naked, 											 the Lord said, “Let that beat up pussy stink like the beast,” 			and for seeing your grandmother 
	where she was most likely raped by your father
			(again, because it means you looked on your fathe; 
							clearly this rationale that god has)
		for being a whore just because, 						 			you have also looked upon your own  pussy, 						which is likened to seeing your brother
	“It’s alright, son, 		Why don’t you come show her,” 
		what a big shot you are, with your big boy diapers on, and your dick 				out.
		See, son, now that makes the bitch a little whore.  And yes, when you do this big a shot of speed straight to your vein, you bust a cum load out right when you hit it and…

	“When your daughter sees you nut after shooting up dope, she is a whore, and must be punished 		after daily dosage of meth shot in into her throat and her stomach
				“And the peopled all saying Amen when the cries out 
					badly as it burns, in the end when we bust out our 				dicks
					“In Jesus name, I’m gonna cum.”

			“Thy kingdom come; 
				Thy will be done, 

			in your mouth as it’s
				in your bumpkin.

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