nikki six six six

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nikki six six six

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When I woke up the next morning my body was warmer than usual. With my eyes closed I stuck my hand out to the other side of the bed reaching for Jed but he wasn’t there. I opened my eyes and sighed, noticing that it was dark. I got up from the bed to open the window curtains, but had to struggle with each step as it felt like Jed was still pounding my now tender cunt with his enormous cock. The thought of having Wyatt’s Dad fuck me sent my heart pounding, I smirked. With the light shinning in I noticed the mess we made. There were clothes everywhere, mainly socks, white t shirts and underwear. Were there more than me, Jedd and the four horny drunk guys here last night? Flustered and still struggling with having my vaginal walls pulsating like if I was still being pounded, I sat on the edge of the bed looking around for my clothes. I closed my eyes and laid back down, thinking of how good it’d feel to have both Wyatt and Jedd fuck me at the same time. I wondered how big Wyatt’s cock would be.
Just right there, as my pussy was feeling like the soreness would go away, someone knocked on the door. I screamed that no one was here, but they knocked again, this time more aggressive. I got up and immediately it felt like there was a thick balloon inflating in my pussy again, so I limped to the door and looked through the peep hole. It was pitch black, and I figured whoever it was kept their palm firmly on top of the hole. I asked for a name and even said that Wyatt left – Where was he anyways? No one answered back, just another knock. I told them to fuck off, but this time they shook the knob furiously and knocked even more aggressively. I opened the door and screamed “Go the fuck away!” as loud as I could, but ended up cutting short at “fuck” when I saw it was Brutus, one of Woody’s beercan dick friends.
He was wearing a very tight muscle shirt, so you could see how hairy he was as well as how defined he was too, and blue jeans with tears on the knees. He would be cute if he wasn’t a douche bag that first night he night called me a faggot. I still had the memory of his cock dripping precum onto me and it gave me the shivers. He was a little lost for words, then the big ape uttered in a low voice “I’m sorry” to which I glared at him for. After a really uncomfortable pause I put my hand up to my mouth and started laughing. I felt like my cunt was going to pop, or fall out, or something, but I didn’t even care. Brutus, or whatever his name was, just stared at me. I told him to come inside, opening the door all the way, letting my giant tits make their way into his sight.
He walked in and in his same old asshole self, he mentioned I had nice tits. Although that would be a compliment coming from anyone else (literally), I felt like it was a punch to the face. I told him to sit down as I closed the door, and quietly uttered that he was an asshole. Typically, he said “No thanks, I’d rather stand than sit on some of your pussy juice or some limp dick’s cum spot,” another snarky remark that made me want to gouge his eyes out.
I found my underwear and slipped them back on. I think my head started pulsating with a migraine with the hairy ape being around me since I forgot all about the throbbing pussy I was trying to get used to earlier. I looked the brute straight in the eyes and asked him what he was so fucking sorry about, he smiled a little bit. That’s when his charm hit me like a ton of bricks. I hated him, the way he looked, his cock, his hairy shoulders, the way he even smelled, sounded, everything. I hardly knew him but I already hated him. But I loved his smile. I loved it when he smiled. He started talking, first a little quietly, as though the beast had intelligence. “Well, I’m sorry for calling you a faggot in front of all my friends; I was also going to apologize for helping Woody fuck your brains out until his magic fuckstick switched you up into a girl, a pretty one… although…” he continued while looking around the room, “ I can see you’re doing mighty fine as a walking fleshlight.” Brute. Asshole. Pervert. Everything that makes a man primitive. I felt like I just walked onto the set of A Streetcar Named Desire, and was in the presence of a real life Stanley.
“Well” I said “It was a little weird at first, I thought it was a joke, a trick, but it’s been going okay…” I was looking out the window by then, thinking about how far I’d gone. How much of it was really fun? Brutus was standing behind me now, holding onto my shoulders with his thick fingers. His hand slowly moved from my shoulders to my waist, massaging me. Then I felt his hard cock pressing from his jeans to my lower middle back. Brutus wasn’t as tall as Jedd or Woody, around 5’8” or something like that. He had a thick body though, and was very hairy. He had a lot of stubble, even though he smelled like aftershave, probably a permanent scent of having to shave everyday or something. I turned around and started kissing him. I felt his middle finger slide into my pussy, still raw, stinging my entrance as he fingered around in there. I moved my hand to his cock and started rubbing it from the outside of his pant, it was throbbing. Then I moved back from kissing his surprisingly soft lips and couldn’t catch his face. I asked him to step into the light so I could see him in all his sex God glory. Just then I realized that I wasn’t staring at Brutus anymore; his skin tone was lighter and the stubble on his chin disappeared. He was taller too, and more matured. I felt shivers go down my spine, and perk my tits. He stepped into the light and I saw my adoptive dad smiling right at me.
Just then I woke up moaning… nearly shouting, tossing around only to find that it was still the very early morning and Jedd was slowly and gently fingering my pussy as I was oozing honey all over his fingers. “Oh Nikki” he said.

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Re: nikki six six six

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Re: nikki six six six

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love dream sequences...
love yourself, no one else will

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