dis dude is gonna bones two bishes

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dis dude is gonna bones two bishes

Postby brokenbeat » Sun Jun 23, 2013 9:26 am

yo so this fool gets his camera. then he goes to the yoga studio. he's like "hey wassup guuurl imma film you and your homegirl doing yoga". then this fool is in the car with his gf and her friend n shit. they're all like "why you gotta cameraaaaa??" dis fool's like "yo i'm making a documentary about naked bishes you guys gotta flash me". then they go to taco bell. then he sees some titays at taco bell. den he boned dem both after he filmed the bishes showering after yoga and taco bell. he boned dem bishes cause he has a nice car and a nice condo. dis fool said "bitches are like cats you gotta have a lot of toys to keep them interested". oh yea they were both blonde. one of them was an idiot the other was a moron.

i got a boner whilst writing this masterpiece. you're welcome.
one time!
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