Nikki The Ongoing Series

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Nikki The Ongoing Series

Postby neck_cannon » Mon Sep 27, 2010 12:01 pm

My name is Nick. Or was.

A few weeks ago I was just an average twenty-two year old gay boy. Well, maybe not so average.

I had a pretty odd upbringing. I was adopted and don't know much about my parents. At one point I was told my real dad was an astronaut and my real mom is in jail. My adoptive parents treated me well, but as soon as they found out I was gay - at my 18th birthday party - they threw me out.

I went to community college for a few years but just couldn't focus in class. I work two jobs just to afford my shithole apartment.

I've had a few hot experiences with guys, but I never really feel like I belong when I'm in a gay bar. I seem to always be attracted to big, masculine men. And they aren't attracted to me, because I'm pretty shrimpy. I'm all of five feet tall and 110 pounds. Add my super-pale skin and bright red hair in there and it's hard to find guys who think I'm hot.

A few weeks ago I was finishing my shift as a barback in the restaurant/bar I work at - my second job. I was a little distracted when a very handsome guy came in. Young guy, pretty obviously military. Before I left, he walked up to me and said hi. Introduced himself as Woody. (He kinda reminded me of a young Woody Harrelson.)

He gave me a card with an address on it and said he and his buddies were having a party & to stop by.

I went first to my usual dive bar, where a bunch of my friends were. I was bored - not much happening, other than a series of texts from my BFF Ryan who was complaining about his girlfriend (as usual).

I looked at the card and decided to go.

It was in an old warehouse space that had been turned into a loft. I gasped when I walked in - a room of at least 100 men in uniform. Mostly Marines, but a few Air Force and Navy guys too. (I could tell - my adoptive dad was a Marine and still worked as a recruiter.)

I was a little scared, though, when I heard the word "faggot" from a big brute of a guy and a few of the dudes started laughing. I quickly found another room and temporarily jumped into a closet. Funny, going into a closet.

I must have fallen asleep for a while, because when I came out the crowds had thinned a bit. I started to walk around the loft and found a room in the back. Porn was playing on a big flat screen TV and it looked like a few loads of cum had been shot on the floor. I was getting worked up imagining a bunch of hot military men having a circle jerk.

"There you are." It was Woody. He sat down next to me and checked his iPhone. It was almost 4 am - I hadn't realized it was so late.

He leaned into my ear. "You're a hot little bitch, you know that?" I turned to him and we passionately kissed.

He stood up to take his shirt off. "I hope you can take a big cock. I have a very big cock. A very powerful cock." He unzipped his pants and again said, "A very powerful cock. This cock can change your life."

I stood up to take my clothes off and noticed two other guys in the room. One was the big oversized brute I saw before. And before I could even say a word, Woody's friends ripped my clothes from me. My t-shirt and jeans were in a pile on the floor. They must be really strong, I thought, to rip denim.

Woody took his pants down and an immense dick popped out. It was at least nine in length, thick as hell and curved angrily upwards like a giant torpedo.

Woody's friends laid me back and held my arms down. I was worried about what Woody would do. I wanted him to fuck me, but I hadn't even gotten a chance to taste his cock or suck it, and if he tried to ram that big monster in my tight little hole without any foreplay or any lube, I was not going to enjoy this.

"Don't worry," Woody kept saying. He grabbed my legs and pulled them apart like a wheelbarrow. He rammed his cock in to the base in one deep thrust - and strangely, I only felt pleasure. No pressure, no pain.

"Yeah, my big fuckstick is in you. This big breeding hose is gonna fill you up, Nick. Or should I say Nikki? I'm gonna call you Nikki, baby."

Woody was thrusting into me with slow, deep strokes at first. Brutus - the big hairy ape that laughed at me - had his beercan thick dick out and was dripping precum on my arm and face. The other guy, a lanky tall guy, was pulling his foreskin and smacking his cock on my face.

Woody's dick felt amazing but I was also having some strange actually felt like it was growing inside of me. I thought I was just feeling something odd, but then Woody pulled the whole way out. I looked at his dick and I swear, it had grown to a foot in length and the thickness of a fire extinguisher.

And yet he was able to open my hole and slide in as a perfect hit. Me, who'd been a bottom for maybe 10 guys in my life. Me, who couldn't take more than 4 inches of my last BF's dick in my ass. Something unusual was going on. Had I been drugged?

Suddenly, the str8 porn on the flatscreen stopped and music started. It was Darling Nikki by Prince.

Woody started to slam fuck my hole deep and hard. He nodded at his goons and they picked me up and held me in midair. He really started to ram me and got really rough. He pulled my hair hard as he was slamming into my ass. "Beg me for my cum, bitch!"

I begged all of them to cum. I told Woody I wanted him to flood my ass with his load. Brutus started to spray cum on my face. His lanky friend scooped it up with his fingers and fed me, then opened my mouth and spunked his own load inside.

The song was almost over. "Come back Nikki, come back...." I looked intensely into Woody's eyes. He grabbed onto my shoulders and gave my ass one last long, hard slam and then the room seemed to fill up with the sound of his loud bellow as he came into my hungry hole. It felt like he was pissing cum inside of me.

Suddenly a bright flash went off. The music went dead. Had there been a short circuit in that room? It got very quiet.

I laid there for what felt like only a few minutes. But I was so, so exhausted. And I felt like I really, really needed to cum. I hadn't cum, after all.

I sat up and the clock on the DVR said 7:12. No, that couldn't be. I had to be to my other job at 10.

I stood up and ran into the bathroom. I knew I needed to pee. I walked in and closed the door.

I couldn't believe what I saw looking back at me in the mirror. My hair was longer. Much longer, down past my shoulder. My lashes were thicker. I had makeup on.

I thought it was a joke Woody had played. And then I looked down at my own body.

I had tits. Massive tits. I couldn't even hold then in my hands. I started to shake. What the fuck happened? What had Woody and his friends done?

OK, I had to piss. Would deal with Woody later.

I went to unzip my pants and realized I was in a different outfit...a kimono. I untied it and pulled down my panties....and already knew what I was going to find.

My six-incher wasn't there anymore. Instead, a small, pink vagina, with neatly trimmed hair, was between my legs.

I sat down, unable to wait any longer, and finally peed. Then I got my kimono on and found a pair of slippers to wear....and took off. As I was leaving, a few of the guys were making breakfast.

"Damn!" he said. "I didn't see that one come in! She looks like a hot fuckpiece!" You're right, I muttered, you didn't see her come in. Neither did I......

I made it home and went to call work - no way I was making it in. When I started to speak, though, I realized that my voice had completely changed.

I was now a woman. And a million questions raced through my head - how did it happen? Was it temporary or permanent? And where was Woody?

To be continued....
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Re: Nikki The Ongoing Series

Postby Eliteskramz » Mon Sep 27, 2010 12:13 pm

i like this, alot. cant wait for the next part!
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Re: Nikki The Ongoing Series

Postby saxxx » Mon Sep 27, 2010 12:27 pm

i'm on needles, this is thrilling! can't wait for the next part!
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Re: Nikki The Ongoing Series

Postby iKichigai » Tue Sep 28, 2010 5:50 am

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Re: Nikki The Ongoing Series

Postby buckytoole » Tue Sep 28, 2010 1:41 pm

gay sex is the hottest sex. lol
i dunno this whole turning into a woman thing can only mean it goes downhill from here hahahah :D
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