NIKKI pt. 2

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NIKKI pt. 2

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Four days had gone by since the Friday night my life changed. I'd been hiding away in my apartment, blinds drawn. No TV, no Internet, nothing. I slept about 48 hours in those four days, exhausted by what had happened.

Finally, it was Tuesday. I woke up to a sunny sky and figured it was time to really start dealing with the changes. I'd been thinking and thinking about it for days. Was it permanent? Was I healthy?

I took a long shower and stepped out. And after looking at myself in the mirror, I smiled.

I fucking LOVED the way I looked. Somehow, it was as I had always really seen myself. And in that moment, I knew it would be OK.

Ryan called. I let it go to voice mail. Before I could pick it up, he'd already shown up at my door and let himself in (I gave him a key). I saw a flash of his face.

I ran into my room and locked the door. "Nick, I know you're here." I texted him. Ryan, I have something to tell you. You have to promise to keep an open mind.

"You know you can tell me anything." Ryan said. I told him to go sit on my couch.

I came out and sat beside him. Ryan thought I was a stranger, but gasped when he realized it was me. I told him what had happened, and how.

"This is a joke, right?"

I stood up in front of him and opened my kimono. Ryan took one look....and passed out.

"Wow, thanks - I didn't realize I was that offensive!" I tried to shake Ryan back into consciousness....and noticed the enormous bulge in his pants.

Ryan and I have only ever been friends, but he's cute. There was about a hot minute of awkwardness between us when I was still Nick, crushing on him. He's a short guy who reminds me of Artie from Glee, but when he takes off his nerdy glasses, he's quite handsome, and his body is very tight.

Ryan sat up and after a few more minutes of shock, went into protective mode. He's always caring and protective of me, one of the reasons I love him. "Are you OK?" I nodded yes.

I didn't have any clothes for my new body, though. And I told him didn't know anything about my vagina.

He texted an SOS to his girlfriend Brandy. Brandy and I had an acrimonious relationship. And by that, I mean that I usually tormented her. She was a stuffy know-it-all, a cougar who I thought was all wrong for Ryan. He loved her curvy, almost BBW sized body and her nurturing nature, but she could also be bossy as hell.

Brandy couldn't believe it either, but was sure it was a joke. Once she was convinced, she couldn't resist tormenting me. "You know, you've been so mean to me. I shouldn't help you."

"When was I mean?" I pretended to protest. "When I called you an overbearing cow? Or when I said that you'd raided Rosie O'Donnell's closet for that outfit?"

Brandy huffed and was about to leave. Ryan rolled his eyes. "Okay, I'm sorry I'm being a bitch. I need your help."

Brandy brought out a measuring tape and measured my breasts and my waist and hips.
"You'll need to try some on for a closer fit, but those seem to be 40DD." We turned to Ryan who had just gasped.

When Brandy measured my hips and waist, Ryan was sweating and almost shaking. Brandy turned to him. After all, her face was only inches from my new vagina. Ryan apologized.

"Sorry, but two sexy women in front of me.....that's a dream come true!"

Brandy raised her voice. "Ryan! Out in the car!" He dutifully grabbed his coat and ran. I realized at that moment what I hadn't before: Brandy was Ryan's dominant mistress.

She fumbled through her purse and found a phone number, then made a phone call. When she came back, she handed me a piece of paper.

"This is a friend of mine who's almost done with his residency and is an OB-GYN. You need to go have him check you out. The appointment is this afternoon. I'll bring you back
some clothes before then."

"Thanks, Brandy. For everything."

She turned to me and after a pause, looked at me very seriously. "Remember this - being a woman is far more than just having a vagina. There's a lot more to all of us than our pussies. But your pussy can also bring you intense pleasure. It can be magical." She smiled. "I guess for already has."

Brandy left, and I looked at the piece of paper. Derrick Chang, 3 PM.

I stood in front of the mirror and looked closely at my new, pink, tight virgin pussy. It was time to learn more.

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Re: NIKKI pt. 2

Post by Eliteskramz »

thought there was going to be a three-way there, but still, good follow-up

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Re: NIKKI pt. 2

Post by iKichigai »

OMG OMG NIKKI! :lol: :lol:

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