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I was in a loft space with Derrick Chang, Brandy's friend. He was sympathetic to what had happened. He didn't even question me. (I was finding it a little odd that no one had questioned what I'd said; if someone told me they'd been transitioned to another gender in the blink of an eye, I'd recommend a mental health facility for them!)

Derrick had an amazing bedside quality that already made me feel far more soothed and comfortable than I'd been in the last few days. He went through a clinical description of terms I'd always ignored in sex ed: Vulva, labia, clitoris. Suddenly it was the most fascinating subject in the world.

Derrick explained one of the ways he remembered them for his med school classes: labia meant lips, vulva was the walls of the vagina. And the clit, he said, makes you cum. He giggled.

I looked down puzzlingly. Derrick took my hand and ran my index finger over my pussy lips. "Labia." I felt something change. "The walls of your vulva expand when you get aroused." It felt thicker there.

Derrick waited for a few moments, then led my finger a little deeper to something that felt like a button. He told me to touch it.

I did, and it felt amazing - like a million electrical jolts just hit me. He smiled and said, "That's your clit. If you rub that, or your partner stimulates that, it's your ticket to getting off."

I was so turned on but incredibly uncomfortable. Derrick asked me if I was OK. "I have a big favor to ask, Derrick. I'm unsure all of this works. And I'm scared of how this came to be. Will you....stay with me while I masturbate?"

He was reluctant at first, but I begged him and stressed it was strictly as an observer. "Okay - I'll observe for you."

Derrick took off the lab coat he was wearing and sat down on a stool about a foot from the end of the exam table.

I felt incredibly turned on by having my feet in stirrups, with my legs spread. It made me think of being opened and ready to be gang banged. I started to run my fingers up and down my lips and against my clit.

Derrick was getting turned on, too. He'd lifted his shirt a bit and I could see an amazing 6 pack. "What does your wife like when you're with her, Derrick?" I asked.

He stood up and walked over to me, standing beside me. I started to moan a bit.

"She loves it a bit rough, actually." He unzipped his pants. I was amazed at the dick he pulled out - a long, fat eight incher with a nice big head on it. So much for the myth that Asian men are small!

He continued. "She loves to be on her back, with me pulling her almost onto her shoulders. She begs me to almost pull out and then slam back in."

I moaned louder and started ramming my fingers in and out of my pussy, rubbing my clit back and forth. I hadn't come with Woody and I felt an intense need to cum.

Derrick's breathing was getting more ragged. "I love fucking her cunt. I love driving this big dick in her, and hearing her beg me to cum." Derrick grunted and a huge spurt of cum shot out of his cock onto the floor with a loud splat. Several more shots followed.

I felt a huge pressure build up inside of me and let loose a loud moan, almost a scream, as I came. It felt so different than it did as a guy - a huge tsunami of pressure releasing. I felt like a wall inside of me had been knocked down.

I looked at Derrick and he smiled. "Well, you're definitely a gusher." He explained that meant that I squirted my cum from my pussy. "You're definitely going to be popular with the guys!"

I got dressed and before I left, gave Derrick a hug. He still had a bulge in his pants. "It's a shame you're married, Mr. Chang," I purred as I walked away.

I stopped on the way home to do some more shopping. It was a wonderful feeling to try on tight shirts, skirts and dresses in places like H&M...and watch the hot, horny straight boys stare at my big tits.

I got home with my bags of clothes and sexy panties - and a new pair of stiletto heels - and saw a note on my door. I need your rent in the next four days, it said, or you're out.

Fuck - no job, and I'd just spent the money Ryan had lent me to get a new wardrobe (one that, admittedly, I really needed). What was I going to do?

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its almost like you've been through it yourself.
lovely follow-up

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i am continually intrigued.

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neck_cannon wrote: Fuck - no job, and I'd just spent the money Ryan had lent me to get a new wardrobe (one that, admittedly, I really needed). What was I going to do?
I have a feeling Nikki's going to be a stripper. :lol:

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