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PostPosted: Thu Apr 11, 2013 10:55 am
by noisehead

Re: Honesty

PostPosted: Sat Apr 13, 2013 10:27 am
by CitizenOfUlysses
first half of the fictional rant is pretty on point, the part about how "we used to be" is bullshit

politics has always been shitty, the current generation isn't the worst (fuck the boomers), and america was built on the backs of slaves and natives

we can't be called the "greatest country in the world" at any point in history when our history is fucking wrought with blood and cruelty

also britain and other european nations were probably better than us at the same shit during the period the dude was going all nostalgic for

though I will say that america is pretty great for immigrants, in a sense; not in terms of opportunity and shit, but the fact that BECAUSE it's an immigrant/colonist built state, it doesn't have the same attitude towards immigrants that a lot of modern european nations do

rest assured, I ( an Indian immigrant, first generationish) probably feel more welcome here than I would in most of europe. a lot of people forget that europe has a whole assload of racist fucks, and they act on that shit way more than people here do (towards immigrants, not other minorities). the fact that people even call europe a continent is fucking preposterous.

of course, that doesn't apply to minorities; more to immigrants in general. if you're black, latino, or native, you're probably still gonna get fucked one way or the other.

Re: Honesty

PostPosted: Tue Jul 09, 2013 3:10 pm
by contrastedrecords
Well as a Canadian, I can say that the guy is being quite valid here, now while I can agree with a lot of that and I'd give the guy credit for honesty, the period he was nostalgic for is like anything, wrought with it's own problems hell, the economy that he was saying was so great will always break, boom, and continue fluctuating because of the nature of such a capitalist system; it will take a while and a bunch of war and scapegoating, but that's how it seems to be working for them, and that fluctuation will ensue from that model.

Now since the guy recognized the problem that's one step, now the other step is to try and figure out a solution. With that being said I'm not saying Canada is any better, hell we're being drug down with you guys in the economic matters of things because we're tied down with you guys. Now while there is a lot more tolerance towards people there, there is also a fair share of people who are very bitter and racist up here as well (usually when you get into smaller areas). And more than that the government system we have in place is quite deceptive.

But basically it wasn't that great back then, to agree with citizenofullyses